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Guild Mortgage - Personalized Beautiful Large 11x17 Mahogany Boards


Impress your client with our stunning 11x17 Mahogany Chopping Board.  This board comes fully engraved with your client information on front and your Guild Mortgage laser branded logo on back, complete with Agent information Engraved in this format:

Sample Logo


 Product Details:

  • Size:   11 Inches x 17 Inches x .75 Inches
  • Weight:  Approx 3lbs
  • Material:  100% Mahogany 
  • Imprint Method:  Laser (available on front and back)
  • Fulfillment Time frame:  Approx 3-5 business days
  • Styles:  Standard, With Handle, With Juice Grooves (one sided)

Designs will be engraved in the format shown on the image catalog.  Styles are associated with the last names engraved on the image.  You can also choose to do a custom design by selecting that prompt when personalizing.  Custom designs need to be emailed to me after the order has been placed.   Please contact me with any questions. 

Sarah Dalsing


Senior Sales Associate 


Please note:  If you select Bill to BDAP account while personalizing this product, your order will be billed to your corporate office for the total amount of $40.99 per each board ordered.  This cost includes all product, engraving, shipping and handling fees.  You will not be billed on our site for this order.  For questions please contact, or Ali Kakar with Guild Accounting at

This item may only be ordered for borrowers as a closing gift and cannot be sent to partners. Closing gifts must be associated to a loan number and it is the responsibility of the loan officer to provide that loan number to Guild accounting.

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