5 Gifts Your Clients Will Love To Get During The Holidays

Maybe you are new to the corporate gift giving game or maybe you’re looking to break out of the rut your corporate gift giving slipped into the past few years. I spoke to a law firm recently about the gifts that they received every holiday season. They could count on receiving a box of candied nuts from one company and a fruit basket from another. Literally, year after year, they would get the same holiday gifts from the same people. The thing is, they didn’t really like them either. 

If you’re looking to really make a difference this year with holiday gifts, consider these five remarkable gifts as a part of your holiday plans.

An Unforgettable Experience 

Nothing is as memorable as a remarkable experience. Consider the lifestyles of your clients and you’ll likely find an activity that they absolutely love to talk about. Maybe your clients are wine enthusiasts and sending them on a wine tasting would absolutely make their day. Or maybe they’re adventure nuts and sending them skydiving would be the best moment of their life.

Keep in mind this requires you to actually know your clients’ interests. If you don’t you might accidentally send a homebody to a drag race.

To make the gift even more memorable consider getting a complementing gift as a part of the experience. Give your wine lovers a personalized cork holder or your clients with wanderlust a set of personalized luggage tags, so they always remember your gift.

A Unique Gift

It’s estimated that over 70% of corporate holiday gifts contain food. Over half of this food gets thrown away before the end of the holidays. Break away from the monotony of the usual gift by reaching for something unique. Send their entire office personalized cutting boards with their names on it. They’ll love to display these cutting boards or use them every day.

Just remember to make these unique gifts about the client. Too often people just send branded promotional materials left over from trade shows. Take the time to find a company (like us) that will custom make hundreds of different products so you can give them something they’ll actually want.

A Gift Of Self Care 

One of the most memorable gifts that I ever got was when a partner company sent a few masseuses to give chair massages to everyone in the company one day. It was fantastic as we were stressed about hitting Q4 goals and closing out our books for the year. Another supplier bought lunch for our entire office. It was so much better than the endless supplies of candied nuts and fruit. It broke up the monotony of the end of the year push.

I recommend adding a personalized touch to self-care gifts. Sending a set of personalized cutting boards or personalized lanterns for every person in their office so they have something tangible to hold when their feeling content and happy after their self care.

A Membership

Memberships are really hit or miss. The key is, to know your customers and know what they love. If you really know them, then you’ll be able to find something for them that really resonate with their interests.

There was a client that I had a while back that was utterly obsessed with sushi. He would travel around the country to find the best sushi possible. After a bit of research, I found a membership program that aligned perfectly with his love of sushi. I ordered that for him, along with sending him a personalized serving board so he could easily serve his sushi to his family.

An Impulsive Or Unexpected Gift 

This is probably my favorite trick to really make holiday gifts bring new business to you. There are some businesses that are given for holiday gifts. Lawyers. Marketing Agencies. Accountants. What about all of the other businesses in the service industry? One of my favorite stories that I’ve come across in my industry was a small maid service. They purchased individual cutting boards for every household that they work for, no matter if they clean twice a week or once a month. They left each family a cutting board, with a nice card that was signed by their cleaners.

The result? They saw an immediate increase in their holiday tips that more than covered the cost of their cutting boards. The next year, they also saw over 33% more referrals over the next 3 months. They’re excited to provide new products for their customers this year and see even more success.

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