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Personalized Jumbo Santa Gift Bags

*Please note that we sell our gift bags individually, they are not sold as sets. Please make sure that the total quantity in your cart is the same as what your discount code is good for. I.E. if your discount code is good for two gift bags, you need to have two gift bags in your cart before you checkout.*

There is nothing that makes Christmas better than that special gift from Santa, and these fabulous Santa Gift Bags will delight anyone who receives one! Having the gift recipient’s name printed on the bag makes your gift even that much more special. Not only will they take your gift presentation up a huge notch, but they will simplify your wrapping time, too. With your choice of three fabulous designs, make sure to order enough for everyone. Let us know how you would like your bags personalized and our elves will get working on creating a special bag for your gifts!

  • Created from a durable, high-quality canvas   

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