Customized Money Keepers - Large - Qualtry

Customized Money Keepers - Large

Watch your dreams come true right before your eyes with our collection of Personalized Money Keepers! These fun and motivational wooden boxes put a new twist on the piggy bank by reminding you of your goal and giving you a clear view of your increasing funds. Whether you are planning a grand adventure, a family vacation, a wedding, or simply want a rainy day fund for whatever you need, these boxes are perfect for collecting spare change and hard earned cash. Each box has a circular opening at the top for depositing money (as shown) and feature a sturdy, clear plexiglass front that easily slides up allowing you to retrieve your funds when it is time to cash in. They are perfect for setting on a shelf, hanging on the wall with the easy-hang bracket on the back, or placing on the counter where spare change and bills are collected. Each money keeper is printed using state-of-the-art UV inks that will last a lifetime. Select from ten Qualtry-exclusive designs for whatever you are saving up for and add your name for personalization. These make excellent gifts for all the savers in your life and are perfect for newlyweds, friends, families, and children saving for a trip. They are also a charming and unique home décor item.


Made of 100% solid high-quality materials and measures 16.25” x 8.5”.

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