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Customized Fidget Spinners

*Please note that we sell our spinners individually, they are not sold as sets. Please make sure that the total quantity in your cart is the same as what your discount code is good for. I.E. if your discount code is good for two spinners, you need to have two spinners in your cart before you checkout.*

 Take the most popular toy of the year up a big step by making it personalized! Add a monogram or short name and make this craze even better. Fidget spinners have been designed to help relieve stress and serve as a release for nervous energy.  We like them because they are fun

Select your color, and initials (three characters or under).  We’ll add the personalization and you’ll get the credit for giving the very best gift! 

To view examples of how your initials will look, please use our guide of characters on the left.

Not suitable for children ages 3 and under.

*The customization entered will appear the same on both sides if you choose to have your spinner upgraded.

**Please know that due to the popular demand of our fidget spinners, there may be a slight delay in getting your order processed and shipped to you.

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