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5 Signs That You Should Invest In Better Corporate Gifts

Sometimes getting a lame gift is worse than receiving no gift at all. Giving out bad gifts can hurt your business’s reputation and even make your clients feel under appreciated.

So how can we know if  we should invest more in our corporate gifts? If any of our 5 signs feel all too familiar, you should take this as an opportunity to up your gifting game.

  1.  You’re getting poor reviews on the web

Corporate gifts are meant to make your clients and employees happy. If people are leaving poor reviews about your business on sites like google, facebook or glassdoor, it might be a sign that your gifts aren’t good enough.

  1. You’re not getting repeat business

When clients are satisfied, they usually will come back to do more business. A good corporate gift can be exactly the push people need to feel like they’ve had a good experience working with you. Your gifts can also help them remember you so that the next time they have a need, they’ll know who to call.

  1. Your gifts don’t make people feel important

In Dale Carnegie’s famous book How to Win Friends & Influence People, he writes that “there is one all-important law of human conduct.” This rule is to “always make the other person feel important.” Do the gifts you give show that you sincerely care about people? Or, do they feel generic?

  1. You aren’t getting referrals

What do people do when they are really happy about something? They usually like to tell people about it. If you aren’t making your clients happy enough to refer people to you, better corporate gifts might just do the trick.

  1. Your gifts make you look cheap

Do your gifts make you look like a successful and reliable company? Or, do they make you look like a business that’s struggling to get by?

It’s important to think about how your gift will affect the way people perceive your company. Make sure people feel like you’ve invested more than a few cents in their gift.

It’s time to give people something they’ll love

If any of the above signs remind you of your company, you’re not alone. Most businesses could dramatically improve their corporate gifting strategy. Now is your chance to stand out from the crowd by giving gifts that your employees and clients will love!