5 Ways Personalized Housewarming Gifts Will Boost Customer Loyalty

Housewarming gifts are the backbone for creating loyal customers who refer their friends. Realtors and real estate agencies can use them to make great impressions with home buyers and sellers alike. More importantly, they can use them to improve the image and visibility of your agency. If you want to be in high demand today, and in years to come, one way to do this is by offering personalized housewarming gifts to clients and potential clients. These are a five ways giving personalized gifts can give you so much more in return.

1) Personalized Gifts are Fun to Receive

Towels, oven mitts, and countless other inspired gifts may be the staples of housewarming gift giving. As a real estate agency you want to offer something that is fun, a little frivolous, and definitely useful. Personalized gifts make an impression, signify quality, and are very thoughtful gifts to receive. They certainly make an impression.

How does that help your agency?

Over time, they may decide to purchase a new home. Whether they are upgrading or down-sizing after children begin leaving the nest, they will need a Realtor to help with the buying process. You will be first and foremost on their minds – all because of a thoughtful, fun gift.

2) Personalized Gifts are Personal

Nothing says you care about someone than taking the time to get a personalized gifts. It means you didn’t simply walk into a store and pick up 20 of something to offer as housewarming gifts whenever you make a sale. It says you invested time and attention to detail getting all the information right so that you could offer a meaningful gift to the happy person, couple, or family that has just purchased a new home.

The good news for you is that it doesn’t have to be all that complicated. When you find a high quality source of personalized products for homes and families, like Qualtry the process of ordering, purchasing and shipping these stunning personalized gifts is as simple as it could possibly be. This makes it seem like you’ve put a lot of thought, time, and energy toward choosing the perfect gift, without requiring you to do so.

3) Makes Your Agency Stand Out

While you may encounter many home buyers over the course of your career, chances are that the average person will encounter very few real estate agencies. Most people only buy one or two, and rarely three or more, homes over the course of their lifetimes. You want them to remember your agency is one that is special and treated them well when the time comes to buy their next home or sell the one they’ve just purchased.

Buying a beautiful, personalized welcome mat for them or giving them a house sign with their names and new address is a great way to make sure your name is the only one on their minds when the time to sell, or buy again, comes along – no matter how many years it has been.

4) Offers Practicality and Personality

The best thing you can be, as a real estate agency is memorable. Giving practical gifts that are personalized allows you to do just that. The more practical and useful gifts are, the better you will be remembered by the home buyers.

It’s not enough to simply choose a personalized gift. It must be a high quality and practical item that will get a great deal of use and is built to last if you want it to help you be memorable. Choose wisely and look for products that are made in the USA and meet certain standards of quality. Moving beyond that, look for products that are beautiful and that new home buyers will be proud to display in their new home.

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5) Makes Buyers Feel Appreciated

It’s important to make your buyers feel appreciated when selling a home. You know that eventually they will be looking to sell their home and will want to find a real estate agency to work with when that time comes around. But that’s not all. Buyers who feel appreciated are likely to tell all their friends about you and how you helped them find their home.

They’ll share their experience with your agency with all their friends. By now you know that word of mouth advertising is the best kind of advertising your money can buy. A personalized gift is one that doesn’t have to cost a fortune in order to leave a lasting impression. This is why personalized gifts make such great choices for housewarming gifts.

Personalized gifts for housewarmings offer a great deal of variety. They can be decorative, functional, and even somewhat frivolous. From coasters and bottle openers to stunning chopping boards and even cork keepers, it is hard to go wrong when choosing something personal to make the new homeowners feel appreciated by you and your agency.

When your buyers feel appreciated, they are more likely to recommend you. Even years after they purchased their home, when someone needs a recommendation for a Realtor to help them sell their homes or buy a new one, your past buyers will remember the nice gift you gave and have no reluctance at all to recommend your agency. That is why personalized gifts matter so much and how they can help you improve your agency all around.

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