Bro, Do You Even Gift? The Single Guy's Guide to the Best Personalized Wedding Gifts

It's a Wedding: Make it Personal

So your buddy is getting married. And you're debating whether to ask that cute barista to be your date or just go stag. You can handle getting there and what to wear. But what are you going to bring?

Best Personalized Wedding Gifts


The Wedding Gift They'll See Every Day and Think of You

Normally, you're not one to get sentimental, but if ever there was a time for a couple of man tears, it's seeing your friend tie the knot. Here's your chance to let both him and her know how much they mean to you. What better way to do that than with a gift they'll see every single day, and be reminded it came from you. With a personalized gift that commemorates the special day you'll be scoring points for thoughtfulness every time the happy couple uses it.


What's the Best Amount to Give for a Wedding Gift?


The national average is $125, but amounts vary widely. Here's a breakdown by state of what the average cash amount is. Richie Frieman, the Modern Manners Guy writes,“You should never feel insecure or guilty about your budget because others at your table spent more. Always go with what is reasonable for your finances and if they don’t like you because of your bank account, I’d find new friends.”


Buying From The Registry: The Best Way to Make it a Gift They'll Remember

The beauty of a registry is that you know whatever you give, you're giving them exactly what they want. But going the extra mile to personalize the registry gift will always be appreciated. Consider attaching matching carabiners with the bride and groom's names on it. What a perfect way to send them on their way to a lifetime of adventure.


Cash is King, but You Can Still Personalize it

Personalized Magnetic Bottle Opener

Giving cash is always a safe bet. Lots of people prefer it so much that they actually request it. But sometimes handing someone an envelope with banknotes can feel impersonal. Here's how to personalize it. When you give the card, tie on a personalized magnetic beer opener. That way you'll be giving them something they can use however they like, but also letting both halves of the couple know that you're not losing a drinking buddy, you're gaining a new one.


It's time to step up your wedding gift wrapping game

Personalized Aluminum Bottle Opener

Listen, the only person who still thinks it's cute that you're wrapping presents in crumpled newspaper and masking tape is your mom, and even she thinks it's getting old. If ever there was a time to make a gift look truly special, it's a wedding. But for some of us, all the YouTube tutorials in the world aren't going to help us get smooth corners and symmetrical bows. Here's a cheat: buy a gift bag, put in a fresh piece of tissue paper, then with a piece of ribbon, attach the card (yes, you need to bring a card) and also tie on a personalized aluminum bottle opener. They'll be so impressed with that extra touch; no one will notice that no scissors were involved.


Whatever wedding gift you decide on, visit to add that personal touch.

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