The Best Personalized Advice For Engaged Couples

Recently I was talking to a young couple that was getting married in a few months. They were both still struggling on how to tie their wedding reception together. They had the perfect place, an old brewery near San Diego, CA. They loved the old, rustic feel of this brewery, but they wanted their guests to remember it for years to come.

That’s when they reached out to me. They were looking for something that wouldn’t break the rest of their budget while tying in the entire theme of their wedding together. 

After finding out about their goals and wishes regarding their wedding, I proposed gave them the best advice I’ve ever heard with wedding gifts. 

When it comes to wedding favors, give something that will make your guests remember your wedding day by giving them something that they’ll use all the time.

We talked about their location and they decided to purchase personalized bottle openers with their names and wedding date on them. Then, they gave those bottle openers out with a bottle of artesian beer with their bottle openers. On top of that, they added to the décor by placing a large bottle cap collector for their guest to deposit their bottle caps so the wonderful customer could display something from their wedding day year round.

Between their beautiful location, their family and friends and their perfect wedding favors, their reception went off without a hitch.

 Remember, when you’re planning your big day, give your guests a wedding favor that they’ll use that will make them remember your wedding day for years to come.

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