Life Hack-The Easy Way To Find Unique Wedding Gifts

According to a 2008 study conducted by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, spending money on others, as in buying gifts, makes people happier. Weddings are perfect occasions to give gifts as two people unite their lives and celebrate with the people who are closest to them. But how do you find unique gifts that express your well wishes for the couple – without breaking the bank?

Consider Personalized Gifts

Personalized items such as photo frames, cutting boards, and doormats are ideal for wedding gifts as they help to share the message about the new last name. There are many items that can be personalized for the home and for individuals. It’s not something that’s isolated to the female, but something for the entire family. Men are getting married too after all. Something along the lines of “The (family name)’s …Established Wedding Date and Year” is perfect, practical, and thoughtful.
You might also opt to include a different kind of message – one that is humorous, one that is thoughtful, or one that lets both parties know how much they mean to you or how happy you are for them.

Give Gifts for the Kitchen – With a Twist

Business Wire reported on a 2010 study of bridal registries and discovered a few interesting facts. First, the most popular items couples registered for were for the kitchen. This included 91 percent of women registering for bakeware and 90 percent registering for kitchen appliances and electronics. Instead of going the usual route, or the boring route as the case may be, with selecting something from the registry, consider giving a gift that is a little more personal. Something like a personalized cutting board, rolling pin, trivet, or even a collection of personalized wooden spoons for the bride and groom.

Promote Memories

Play on past experiences you’ve shared with a friend or family member that is getting married. Try to clue the spouse-to-be in on the secret as well. Or consider a memory he or she was part of as well. Photo frames for wedding pictures or a photograph of you with the bride and groom included is a great way to promote memories. You don’t have to dig down deep to find a wonderful gift that is unique and uniquely you to give.
Give gifts you’ll feel proud about giving – and that you’d love to receive yourself. More importantly, give gifts you feel certain the happy couple will adore. Personalized gifts are unique, which makes them special to the couple receiving them, especially those getting married and joining families. They also make it appear as though you have placed a great deal of thought into the gifts you’ve purchased. Visit today to give beautiful wedding gifts that look like you’ve spent hours laboring to make them for hardly any effort on your part.

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