How To Throw A Great Tailgate Party Part Three: Hosting The Party

Now that you have your house ready and the food is prepared and decorated, now it’s time to host the party!  Whether from the back of your truck outside the stadium or in your backyard, people will be gathering to share food and drink and enjoy the game.  Here are a few things to not forget when the party is going.

Mark your house as the destination.

How many of us have to use GPS to find a new place we have never visited before?  I know that I have had to drive around, backtracking and going past the house multiple times before I feel sure I have the right address, especially if it’s my first time visiting.  If you’re hosting the party at your house the clever use of balloons, paper plates, and/or posters will help guide the party goers to the right place.  You may even consider using a house sign to help your house stand out from the rest to help assure your guests are at the right place.

Have backup ice and food.

How many times have you had to run out in the middle of the game or party to get more ice?  Missing out on the game or the party can stink, especially if it’s avoidable.  Make sure to stock up on extra ice, and maybe another dish or two in case the snacks run out.  It’s always better to have leftovers rather than have the guests go hungry.

Maintain your dishes

After the party is over, the only thing left is clean up.  It stinks, but needs to be done.  If you’ve ever used a wood cutting board or spoon you know that clean up is vital to keeping them good.  I’m sure we all know someone that has a cutting board they didn’t take care of that ended up warped and blistered.  Taking care of the dishes and serving trays can help keep them good for the next party.  If you have a wood or bamboo cutting board or serving board, consider using a wood conditioning oil after washing and drying by hand.  The oil keeps the wood smooth and protected until the next use.

There you have it!  Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help have a fun and well prepared tailgate party or barbecue.  What other tips or tricks do you use when preparing for or hosting the party?  Let us know in the comments!

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