How to Shop for Someone Who Has Everything; Personalized Wedding Shower Gifts

Wedding showers can be challenging enough when you’re shopping for couples who are just starting out in life. When you’re shopping for shower gifts for someone who already seems to have it all, the challenge grows. Some people are up for this kind of challenge and feel energized by the hunt. Others though, struggle with the challenge and sometimes give up just before finding the perfect gift and give something mundane and uninspired, such as cash, instead. Don’t let that happen to you.

Did You Know?
Most people are not natural born shoppers. In fact, some people find shopping for gifts to be an incredibly stressful event. Part of the problem, according to a Newswire press release, is that 61 percent of people feel uninspired when shopping for gifts and worry that the recipient won’t like what they buy. The release goes on to say that 60 percent of people have witnessed the disappointed look on faces when the gift turns out to be the wrong choice and it’s not a pleasant feeling.
When shopping for someone who already has everything, skip the practical and the ordinary and go for something extraordinary instead. Keep these things in mind as you search.

How Much Should Your Shower Gift Cost?
The Knot suggests a price point between $25 and $75 for wedding shower gifts, keeping your budget and your relationship to the bride or groom in mind. The better you know the couple – or at least one of the two – the better able you will be to decide which gifts are a better choice and how much you are willing to spend.

laser engraved wedding gifts

Make Your Gift Stand Out with Personalization
Giving personalized wedding shower gifts says a lot more about you than you realize. It lets the couple know you’ve put a great deal of thought into the gift. It provides them with a unique gift that is sure to be special to both of them. It’s a gift you can feel great about giving.

You can make it a great gift for the groom by adding the weeding date within the personalization. It will mean he’ll see the date every day. Consider a kitchen cutting board, a welcome door mat, or even a personalized photo frame for their wedding picture. These things all allow plenty of room to add the date and it can be a gift that saves the peace in the household for many years to come! 

In fact, personalized gifts are all the rage these days – enough so that it made the Refinery 29 list of gifts to give couples who have everything, too.

Don’t agonize over finding the perfect wedding shower gift for someone who already has everything. Visit instead and find the perfect, personalized gift in a matter of minutes.

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