7 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes With Housewarming Gifts  

Housewarming gifts are a great way to help friends and family celebrate moving into a first home. If you aren’t careful, though, you could find yourself making a major misstep in the gift giving department. Avoid these seven common housewarming gift mistakes and you’ll find yourself hitting the right spot with the gifts you give.

1) Giving Impractical Gifts

It’s one thing to give friends and family gifts they want but would not likely buy themselves as long as they are useful gifts. When buying for a housewarming try to make sure the gifts are, at the very least, something that will be useful to the proud new homeowners. Whether the gift is something decorative for the new home or something useful for the kitchen – or barbecue area, there are all kinds of practical gifts that are fun and a little frivolous too. Those are the types of gifts that are perfect for housewarmings.

2) Giving Gifts that are Impersonal

The odds are good that if you’re invited to a housewarming, you know a little bit about the people who have just purchased a new home. These are people you know and love. You want to make the gift about them. Make it personal for them and don’t go out and grab a gift card – or even a nice bottle of wine. Those things are far too impersonal – and temporary. Instead, look for items that your friend or family member will find useful, like personalized door mats or hand-made personalized cutting boards, and think of you every time the item is used.

3) Buying Gifts Made with Poor Quality

A lot of people do shopping online from Amazon or even eBay. While these might be big name retailers that everyone has heard of, they deal with vendors that do not exactly meet certain standards of quality – or of truth in advertising. When shopping online, stick with companies that have a reputation for quality products, excellent service, and outstanding craftsmanship. Read reviews and look for images of actual products purchased from a vendor to make sure you get what you expect. When you focus on quality products, such as these laser engraved personalized house signs for the proud new homeowners, you can't go wrong.

4) Being Overly Frugal with Your Gift Giving Choices

Frugality is one thing. And it is worth being applauded – especially in today’s economy. Being cheap is something else altogether. No one wants to be accused of being cheap when buying housewarming gifts for friends and family. The good news is that you can find gifts that are of exceptional quality without spending a fortune on them, including things like personalized coasters,personalized magnetic bottle openers, and personalized decorative wooden spoons and forks.

This allows you to be frugal without being too frugal and ensures that your new homeowners will get a gift they can appreciate. When shopping online, look for quality sites that offer great prices, and then look for discount codes and such that make shopping on these sites even more budget-friendly. Many will offer perks like percentage off the first order discounts or free shipping if you sign up for their email lists.

custom cutting boards

5) Waiting until the Last Minute

If you are a world class procrastinator you will have a hard time finding the perfect gift for any housewarming. There’s too much pressure to perform at the last minute and you limit your options to brick and mortar stores that often have very limited, not to mention uninspiring, selections. Shopping ahead gives you the option of brick and mortar and online shopping options. It provides you with the convenience of time to order and ship gifts and the convenience of doing your shopping at home without fighting crowded malls or shopping centers.

6) Buying for Your Tastes

We all have our own unique tastes. Gift giving, though, is about trying to find what will appeal to the other people in the mix. The things you think are perfectly lovely and elegant may not be a great choice for friends whose personal style leans more towards rustic and rugged. Consider the style, taste, and personality of the home buyers you’re buying for and choose a gift that will match their personal style and their new home.

7) Spending too much Money

While being too frugal can be a problem when buying housewarming gifts, so can spending too much money. Especially if you’re spending more without getting the quality the price tag demands. Fortunately for you, it is easier than you realize to find the perfect combination and high-quality gifts at affordable, and wholly appropriate, housewarming prices at Qualtry, an American laser craft company that offers stunning, personalized gifts that are perfect for housewarmings, weddings, graduations, and more.

You don’t have to move mountains or search the globe to find amazing housewarming gifts that are practical, purposeful, and personal. Avoiding these seven mistakes that are so common with housewarming gifts can add to the value of the gifts you give your friends and family without breaking your budget.

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