5 Guaranteed Ways Your Wedding Gift Won't Be Lost In The Masses

When a couple ties the knot, they get to enjoy all the fun of being the center of attention amongst all of their friends and family. And their loved ones get to enjoy celebrating the joy of the union. Which also means that all of the friends and family will be getting the happy couple gifts to mark the special occasion. While you want to get something that the couple desires and finds useful, it's also really nice to think that the recipients will appreciate the carefully thought out gift you've chosen. With all of those many gifts coming in at once, here are some tips for making sure your gift stands out from the crowd instead of getting lost in the shuffle.

Make the Wrapping Count

If there's ever a time when it's not possible to go overboard in elaborate wrapping, it's with a wedding gift. And for most of us, to create truly spectacular wrapping it's best to turn to professionals. If the place where you've purchased your gift doesn't offer wrapping, or only has generic wrapping options inquire at local department stores to see if their wrapping department accommodates orders from other places. Large stationery stores are also a great place to check.

If you are going the DIY route here are a few pointers to get you wrapping at the highest level.

  • Elegant simplicity stands out. Choosing paper and ribbon of the highest quality, but keeping it simple with monochromatic and neutral colors and choosing matte over shine and sparkle, can make a gift really stand out.
  • Plain brown paper dressed up with bright silk ribbons will create an affect that is unique and lovely, and very in vogue.
  • If the couple shares a hobby make it a theme. If they love to sail choose paper with anchors and tie on a little sailboat charm.

Whether you've gone with professional wrapping or done the job yourself, a great way to make a gift truly memorable before it's even opened is to include a small personalized gift as a component of the gift wrapping. A personalized decorative spoon looks darling tucked into the ribbons of a gift, and is an ideal way to commemorate the special day. It will give the couple fond memories of you and your gift every time they use the everyday kitchen item, forever made special.

Celebrate a Couple's Shared Hobby

If you know that the couple shares a love of special activity, giving a gift that's geared towards that special interest is a wonderful way to celebrate them on their wedding day. The strongest relationships are the ones in which the couple shares quality time together, and what better way to encourage that then by giving them a gift that helps them do that. Plus you'll be giving a gift that's truly thoughtful, based on what they love to do as a couple.

Stick to the Registry with a Twist

A registry is a double-edged sword. It makes choosing a gift that you’ll know the couple wants as easy as possible, but it also makes it really hard to give a gift that will be remembered as special and given with love from you. The couple is more likely to remember when they picked out the item to put on their registry than they will recall a typed note at the bottom of the included gift receipt saying it comes from you. While it’s great to have the convenience for both you and the couple to have the item shipped directly to them, bring along more than just a generic card to the reception.

Kitchen and dining items are pretty universal to wedding registries. Choose a couple of useful items at just below the budget you’d like to spend and then in addition to bringing a card to the reception, also bring one or two personalized items that will nicely complement the registry gift. If you’ve gotten the couple cooking appliances, wrap up a personalized apron, or for glasses, include a set of coasters. Write a note in the card wishing the couple all the best and hoping that they enjoy the registry gift. The attached personal touch will make everything come together in a way that is truly personalized and memorable.

Give Cash

For a young couple especially nothing is more appreciated than giving cash. This universally accepted item let’s the couple choose exactly how to use it, and whether to put it towards something needed and practical, or to have a bit of fun and splurge. And while it’s not only fully acceptable to hand over a card with some cash or a check, it’s often what’s most desired, nonetheless, it can feel a bit impersonal. Personalize the gift by including an item that celebrates the new couple with the card, like a house sign or welcome mat. That way you’ll be remembered as the person who thoughtfully gave the gift that was most needed, but still took time to celebrate the uniqueness of the couple on their most special day.

Memories Over Material Objects

Sometimes to give the best wedding gifts, it’s necessary to think outside the box. Outside the gift box that is. Just like some of the best things in life can’t be bought, some of the most special gifts you can give are the ones that aren’t tangible, but create memories that will last a lifetime. If the couple is going on a honeymoon, find out if you can purchase an upgrade for them, or pay for an extra special experience that they might not have thought of indulging in themselves. From a day at the spa, a private dinner on the beach or a guided hike to a remote location, the possibilities are endless depending on where their going. And if their post-wedding plans include staying close to home, there’s no reason that with a little research you can’t find all sorts of activities and adventures that the couple are sure to enjoy. And though the memories they make will surely last, it never hurts to help with a reminder. With the card explaining the experience you’re gifting the couple, include a personalized picture frame so that afterwards they’ll have the perfect place to display a memento of their special adventure.

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