4 Tips to Giving the Perfect Bottle of Wine

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Great wines and great gifts have a lot in common – it’s exciting to see them, even more exciting to open them, and when delivered to the right audience, MAN - do they leave a lasting impression...

But deciding which gift to buy is never easy – especially when you want to gift someone a bottle of wine. If you follow the tips below, you can save tons of time, research – not to mention money – and deliver the perfect wine for any moment, person, or event you’ve got in store. 

1. Remember, everybody loves bubbly

There’s always room for Champagne. It’s vibrant, lively and fun – and sure to bring a bit of joy to any occasion.

As an added bonus, sparkling wines usually come with snazzy capsules to cover their pressurized corks, so they already look festive – that means less gift wrap required!

2. Decadent red wines can be opened straightaway – or saved for a special day

Gift a rich complex red wine – like Cabernet Sauvignon – and your gift recipient can decide whether to open right away (it’ll taste delicious!) or wait a few years and age it away (it’ll still taste delicious!) Gifts that keep are really the best gifts – and wines like Cabernet can be stored for years to develop even more interesting flavors.

3. Everyone wants your favorite wine (really)

    How many times have you discovered a new product you love because of a friend’s recommendation or advice? Be prepared to gift your go-to wine – it’s really the most thoughtful gift there is (just be sure to stock up on a couple extra bottles for yourself while you’re at it.)

    4. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg (in fact, you shouldn’t)

    The thing that stops most people from giving wine is the price – if you pay too much and the recipient doesn’t like it, they usually can’t return it. Luckily, wine shops like nakedwines.com exist – they have a happiness guarantee, which means you can get 100% of your money back on any wine you don’t enjoy (even if you already drank it all!).

    So the next time you’re looking for a gift for yourself or a gift to impress, opt for a bottle of wine. It’s bound to be a special present – especially when it’s hand-selected by you.

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